Frequently Asked Questions


When can I drop things off at Baby2Baby?
For drop-off information click here.
Does Baby2Baby pick up?
We are unable to pick up donations at this time.
What kinds of things can I donate?
Please click here for a complete list of what we can and cannot accept as donations.
Do you take baby furniture?
contact us regarding furniture donations. Our space is limited, so we must ensure we have the space to store the items. If we cannot accept the item we will try to provide other resources.
Why don’t you take children’s clothing larger than 4T?
Baby2Baby serves families from 0-4 as this is the time when families need the most baby gear. so we only distribute clothing to children three years old and younger.
Do you take maternity clothes?
We do not take maternity clothes. Please contact one of our community-based organizations, 
Westside Pregnancy Clinic, to make a donation.
Why don’t you take used stuffed animals? 
We cannot guarantee the hygiene of used stuffed animals.
Do you need volunteers?
Yes! Baby2Baby is always looking for volunteers to help organize and sort our donations. 
How can I organize an in-kind donation drive for Baby2Baby?
contact us for more information on organizing a drive.
How can I make a financial contribution to Baby2Baby?
click here for information on making a financial contribution.
How can I find out about upcoming events at Baby2Baby?
Check News & Events for information on upcoming activities at Baby2Baby.
How can I start a Baby2Baby in my city?
We appreciate your interest in considering Baby2Baby in your community.
We encourage you to explore the best way to help families in need in your own city. We suggest you investigate existing nonprofits in your area that address the needs of low-income families and children. Contact them to find out how you can help support and expand their work.
Please note that the name Baby2Baby is a registered service mark and cannot be used without our permission.
Do you ever sell the donations?
No.  Our donations go directly to our partner community-based organizations and their clients free of charge.
Can individuals receive donations from Baby2Baby?
Baby2Baby only gives to community-based organizations, not individuals. If you need help, please contact one of our partners to see if they have the resources to assist you.
How can we become a partner organization of Baby2Baby? 
Please contact us directly at 323 933-2229.