Diaper Need

1 in 2 Families

Struggle in the US to afford diapers for their children

Diapers cost $80 to $100 per month per baby, and the average low-income family pays nearly $1000 a year for diapers.

Diapers are the 4th highest household expense (after rent, food, and utilities) for families with diaper need.

Childcare centers often require 6 to 8 diapers per day for children to enroll and attend daily.

This year alone, Baby2Baby has requests for

1.5 Billion Diapers

Diaper Response

Since our inception, Baby2Baby has distributed over 200 million diapers to families in need across the country.

Innovative Approach

In 2021, Baby2Baby developed our own diaper manufacturing system, producing diapers at 80% less than the retail cost in order to help meet the exponentially increasing demand.

Diaper Advocacy

In addition to distributing more diapers than any organization of our kind, Baby2Baby successfully advocated to remove sales tax from diapers in California in 2020. After years of being on the front lines of diaper reform, Baby2Baby is continuing to work across the country to advocate and support state and federal diaper legislation.